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Clear Energy Blocks And Unlock Prosperity, Peace, And Power In Any Area Of Life

What Is A Transformational Energy Session?

It's beyond mindset work, clearing trauma, or basic healing.

This is for those who are experienced or open to spirituality, and want to get to the depth of the energetic blocks causing problems and holding them back from moving forward.

Self sabotage, anxiety, limiting beliefs... At the root of it is energy that can be released, shifted, and brought into alignment with your goals and intentions.

Energetic structures determine our vibrational state, which produces our mental thoughts, which lead to our emotions and behaviors. So shift your energy, and shift your results - magically.

Being tuned into your energy and unique spirit is when rapid manifestation happens, when synchronicities appear like crazy, and when you're tapped into effortless flow and motivation.

It's when you unlock profound presence, fulfillment, and prosperity. Your unique 'sauce'.

However, energetic blocks get in the way of us connecting with our spirit - be it from past lives, generationally inherited limitations, our current growth cycle, or foreign energy.

Especially if you work with a lot of people or are in a leadership position, foreign energy naturally gravitates towards you.

Those who support others need support too, in fact - it's mission critical if you want to be able to continue to grow and support others without your own life being messy.

I start by tuning into you as a spirit and clearing your energetic field.

Then I dive into clearing the specific energy between you and what you want.

I combine Hawaiian Shamanism & Energy Work, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Reading, and a variety of other tools to help you transform.

Depending on how ready your spirit is to clear what's in your way, this is the equivalent of years of spiritual & personal growth condensed into a single session!

What Is An Intuitive Clarity Session?

Is there a recurring challenge, difficulty, or pattern you encounter where you feel stuck and would like new insight into?

In these sessions, we can take a look at who you are as a spirit, your past lives, the current growth cycle you’re in, and the energy creating your current reality - as well as how to shift and move forward in any area of life you’d like to take a look at.

Note: this is an intuitive and psychic reading with some clearing. Awareness and insight alone can create profound shifts. And, deeper clearing and releasing the energy holding you back happens in the transformational energy release sessions.

Also, this is a neutral read on the energy behind situations and circumstances - not me giving advice. It’s what your spirit or connection to source wants to show you in present time, for you to connect to your own answers. I’m a mentor, guide, teacher, with perspective AND… Your answers are within you, not me ;).



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You're In Good Hands.


I'm a teacher of Huna, Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism, with an unbroken lineage from the Big Island of Hawaii.

I'm an Advanced Clairvoyant, and Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

And my great grandfather was the famous psychic surgeon in the Philipines, Eluterio Terte.

I do my own spiritual work every single day.

Plus, I'm also a marketing consultant and copywriter to 7 and 8 figure businesses.

So I can be just as "out there" as anyone else... But I also know how to communicate and translate spirituality in a way that you can grasp and use in your daily life.

Ultimately, I'm passionate about helping you move past your biggest blocks and be connected to your true self for prosperity, peace, and purpose.

We're told grit and suffering are the only way to success, that transformation has to take years, and layers of disfunction are just "normal".

We're taught to value "should's" over our own intuition, material gain over soul fulfillment, and to stuff our suffering to look like we have it all together.

But it doesn't have to be that way. My take on spirituality and personal development is that it offers the fastest & most fulfilling way to have it all - in all areas of life, not just career - and in ways true to our unique essence.

I use the esoteric, unconventional and energetic tools for transformation that I do because we can compress years of transformation into just a few sessions.

"I've Just Released So Much Of What Was Holding Me Back"

"In the session I completely let go of the story that I'm not enough to be loved, that I'm not enough to have all the business goals that I want to hit, and make the kind of money and impact that I want. Literally during the healing session I got so many answers on dates, amounts of things people I was going to meet, like all these amazing visions came to me and ideas and ever since then I've been so in my heart space. I've been so clear on what I want and I've just released so much of what was holding me back and I'm getting deals left and right unexpectedly. Everything's on track. I just feel so more I just feel light like, I honestly just feel like myself again."

Em Haas - Austin, TX

"Taking Action And Doing The Exact Thing I had So Much Fear Around"

"It was super cool to see myself go from this state of being in fear and stuck and not wanting to move, to all of a sudden moving forward and taking action and doing the exact thing I had so much fear around. And what really blew me away is that he was able to intuitively tell me what he saw or what he felt during the emotional release work that we were doing. And he would pick up on things that were kind of racing through my head, or racing around in my mind, then it was like, wow, how did he pick up on that? I think he's an amazing individual with so many talents and gifts for supporting people and helping them through a difficult time in their life."

Brandon O' Brien - Los Angeles, California

"It's A Thing Of The Past Now."

"Hi Darryl! I'd like to thank you again for our call. I waited before writing because I couldn't believe it was possible. It's like I no longer have an emotional attachment to the event we discussed. I haven't forgotten it, but it doesn't affect me anymore. Before, I couldn't think about it without nausea and incoming tears. It's a thing of the past now."

Irina Plesar - Switzerland

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